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Dr. Alexander Jimenez Chiropractic Team: Agility & speed is necessary for athletes and individuals who actively engage in physical activity and or sports. These individuals often depend on optimal agility & speed to increase their overall performance.

Quickly and gracefully, both mental and physical skills are often a key element towards overcoming challenges related to the individual’s specific sport. The key to improving agility is to minimize the loss of speed when redirecting the body’s center of gravity.

Rapid change drills that change direction forward, backward, vertically, and laterally will help improve an individual’s agility as well as flexibility by training your body to make these changes more quickly.

Dr. Alex Jimenez describes a variety of stretches and exercises utilized to enhance agility and speed throughout his collection of articles, focusing largely on the benefits of fitness and occasional injuries or conditions resulting from overexertion. Norėdami gauti daugiau informacijos, nedvejodami susisiekite su mumis (915) 850-0900 arba siųskite pranešimą asmeniškai dr. Jimenezui telefonu (915) 540-8444.